Comparison of Dimethylformamide with Dimethylsulfoxide for Quality Improvement of Distillate Recovered from Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Oil

Catégorie : Valorisation Energétique
Date :6 novembre 2020
Kim, Su Jin.
Processes : 8 (DocId: 9)
As a part of improving the quality of the distillate (distilling temperature 120-350 degrees C) recovered from waste plastic pyrolysis oil (WPPO) by simple distillation, the enrichment of paraffin components present in the distillate was compared by the equilibrium extraction of dimethylformamide (DMF) and dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO). Regardless of the solvent used, the concentration increase rate of the paraffin component in the raffinate relative to the raw material was reduced by increasing the mass fraction of water in the solvent in an initial state. On the other hand, it increased by increasing the mass ratio of the solvent to the raw material in an initial state. The enrichment performance of paraffin component in raffinate recovered by DMF was higher than that by DMSO under the same experimental conditions. Furthermore, the two solvents were compared by adding color and the waxing phenomena of recovered raffinate to assess the enrichment performance of paraffin components.