First record of microplastics in the mussel Limnoperna fortunei

Catégorie : Impacts de la Pollution Plastique
Date :28 septembre 2020
Pazos, Rocio S.; Spaccesi, Fernando; Gomez, Nora.
Regional Studies in Marine Science : 38
The goal of this study was to analyse the presence, abundance, types, size and colours of microplastics (MPs) in the soft tissue of the golden mussel Limnoperna fortunei in the freshwater-mixohaline tidal zone of Rio de la Plata estuary. 240 mussels were analysed and the MPs were observed in the 96% of samples, being more abundant in the mussels that settled down close to the main sewage discharges, and in the maximum turbidity front. The average number of MPs/g and MPs/ind was 2.08 and 0.43, respectively. The 90% of MPs, were fibres and the most frequent sizes were >500 <= 1000 mu m. The high density of L. fortunei on the coast of the Rio de la Plata, its potential predators, and the presence of MPs in the soft tissue, warn the important role this mussel plays in the transfer of this pollutant through the trophic web of the estuary. (C) 2020 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.