Laboratory simulation of microplastics weathering and its adsorption behaviors in an aqueous environment: A systematic review

Catégorie : Modélisation de Pollution Plastique Marine
Date :17 septembre 2020
Sun, Yiran; Yuan, Jianhua; Zhou, Tao; Zhao, Youcai; Yu, Fei; Ma, Jie.
Environmental Pollution : 265
Microplastics (MPs) pollution has become a global environmental concern. MPs alone and in combination with pollutants can potentially cause significant harm to organisms and human beings. Weathering of MPs under various environmental stresses increases the uncertainty of their environmental fates. Compared with field surveys, laboratory simulation experiments are appropriate to simplify the research procedures and investigate the mechanisms. In this review, the effects of abrasion, solar radiation, chemical and thermal oxidation, microbial adhesion and colonization, and other environmental factors on the MPs and the relative laboratory simulation methods were summarized and discussed. Photo-oxidation and abrasion are the most appliable methods due to easy operation and adjustable weathering degree. Furthermore, the structural and components changes in weathering process and the applied characterization methods were generalized. In addition, one of important environmental behaviors, adsorption of the weathered MPs towards two typical pollutants was analyzed. Finally, three priorities for research were proposed. This paper conducts systematic summarized of the MPs weathering process and provides a reference for future studies to accurately determine the environmental risks of weathering MPs. (C) 2020 Published by Elsevier Ltd.