Macroplastic distribution, abundance, and composition which flows to Cimandiri estuary, West Java

Catégorie : Modélisation de Pollution Plastique Marine
Date :28 septembre 2020
Taryono; Pe, E. O. L.; Wardiatno, Y.; Mashar, A.
2nd International Symposium on Marine and Fisheries Research : 420
Mapping of macro-plastic distribution in the water bodies is important due to the potential of its chemical particle decomposition. Macro-plastic abundance is constituted by population activities which are not accompanied by adequate waste management systems. This study aims to assess the distribution, abundance, and composition of macro-plastic in the water stream of the Cimandiri River from the upper stream to the estuary area. This research was conducted from August to December 2018 using the garbage trap method, with monthly sampling. The results show that the average abundance of macro-plastic is 3.62 x 10(-4) items/m(3)/second with the highest number is in Parung Kuda Station, and the average density is 3.17 x 10(-3) kg/m(3)/second with the highest number is in the coastal area of Palabuhanratu Station. The research shows that plastic packaging is the most portions (42%) of all types of macro-plastic collected which is constructed of low-density polyethylene polymer.