Marine macro-litter composition and distribution along the Kenyan Coast: The first-ever documented study

Catégorie : Détection et Caractérisation
Date :2 octobre 2020
Okuku, Eric Ochieng; Kiteresi, Linet Imbayi; Owato, Gilbert; Mwalugha, Catherine; Omire, Jill; Otieno, Kenneth; Mbuche, Mary; Nelson, Annette; Gwada, Brenda; Mulupi, Lilian.
Marine pollution bulletin : 159
Macro-litter accumulation surveys were carried out in six beaches in Kilifi, Mombasa and Kwale Counties. Macro litter were collected, quantified and characterized to determine their composition, distribution and accumulation rates. The results showed that the accumulation rates ranged between 1.53 +/- 1.23 and 11.46 +/- 7.72 (for dry zones) and 2.69 +/- 2.13 and 8.93 +/- 7.87 items m(-1) day(-1) (for wet zones). Plastics and foam were the most abundant litter categories. Local products constituted about 88% of all the collected litter. Food packaging products constituted about 91.3% of all branded litter types. Marine litter pollution particularly by plastics was widespread in all studied coastal counties. However, a significant amount of litter encountered in the beaches was of local origin, thus a local solution to waste management (that will eliminate leakage into marine environments) will considerably reduce marine litter pollution in Kenya.