Mechanical Properties of Cement-Based Materials with Recycled Plastic: A Review

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Catégorie : Nouveaux Matériaux
Date :4 décembre 2020
Park, Jun Kil; Kim, Min Ook.
Sustainability : 12 (DocId: 21)
This study summarizes existing studies on plastic recycling to determine whether ocean plastics with high pollution degrees could be used for cement-based materials. In particular, the methods to recycle plastic waste, the effects of recycled plastic on the physical and mechanical properties of cement-based materials, and their effective usage were investigated. Workability, density, compressive strength, split tensile strength, and flexural strength of cement-based materials with recycled plastics were reviewed and divided into recycled aggregates and fibers. Based on the previous investigation, the direction of research necessary to recycle marine plastics is suggested. As the amount of recycled plastic aggregate increased, the mechanical strength of cement-based materials decreased. The recycled plastic aggregate lowered the density and increased porosity of the cement-based material. Meanwhile, recycled plastic fibers reduced the compressive strength but improved the tensile strength; to effectively improve tensile strength, a volume content of less than 1.5% should be added to prevent balling fibers. Furthermore, an appropriate aspect ratio should be determined based on the type of plastic to be used.