Microplastics and floating litter pollution in Bulgarian Black Sea coastal waters

Catégorie : Détection et Caractérisation
Date :16 juillet 2020
Berov, Dimitar; Klayn, Stefania.
Marine pollution bulletin : 156, 111225.
Although marine plastic litter has been recognized as a global problem, there are insufficient data on the extent of plastic pollution in the Black Sea. The results from this pilot study of the floating marine litter and microplastics along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast revealed high quantities of floating litter (60.3-93.8 items.km-2). The microplastic concentrations (1.14 × 104-1.91 × 105 items.km-2, 0.33-490.52 g.km-2) were on average lower than those found in other parts of the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea, although the observed ranges were similar. Further studies are needed to elaborate the extent and spatial distribution of this type of pollution in the Black Sea basin.