Occurrence, distribution and composition of microplastics in the sediments of South Andaman beaches

Catégorie : Détection et Caractérisation
Date :16 juillet 2020
Patchaiyappan, Arunkumar; Ahmed, Syed Zaki; Dowarah, Kaushik; Jayakumar, Shanmuganathan; Devipriya, Suja P.
Marine pollution bulletin : 156, 111227.
Herein, we report the prevalence of microplastics in the South Andaman beaches, India. The average microplastic abundance of the eight stations covered along the South Andaman beach was found to be 414.35 ± 87.4 particles per kilogram of beach sediment. Among the stations sampled, Kodiyaghat was found with highest microplastic abundance of 973.3 ± 76.59 particles per kilogram of beach sediment and Burmanullah recorded the lowest number of 161.7 ± 32.51. Microplastic particles of different types, size, color and shape were present in all the eight stations sampled. From the Raman spectral analysis, thirteen different types of polymers were identified. The microplastic pollution may be attributed to improper solid waste management, tourism activities and maritime activities. The present study will help in understanding the prevalence, source and pathway of microplastic particles and their affiliated risk to the fragile marine ecosystem.