Prevalence of entanglements of seabirds in marine debris in the central Portuguese coast

Catégorie : Impacts de la Pollution
Date :8 janvier 2021
Costa, R. A.; Sa, S.; Pereira, A. T.; Angelo, A. R.; Vaqueiro, J.; Ferreira, M.; Eira, C.
Marine pollution bulletin : 161
Plastic pollution and the subsequent entanglement of marine animals is a global and increasing problem. In this study we present an analysis of the seabirds recorded as entangled by a rehabilitation centre and an associated marine animal stranding network, along the central coast of Portugal, between 2008 and 2018. Results show a high annual rate of entangled seabirds (average 6.9%) compared to other studies and fisheries related materials are a relevant cause of seabird entanglement (82%) compared to other debris. When comparing age classes, juveniles were more vulnerable to entanglement than other age classes in the species studied. Regarding the rehabilitation of entangled seabirds, the release rate was higher in non-fishing material entanglement cases. In conclusion, this study highlights the impact of fisheries related material on marine fauna and the need for reinforcement of the existing legislation for protecting seabirds and the implementation of mitigation measures associated with fishing activities.