Pyrolysis oil for diesel engines from plastic solid waste: a performance, combustion and emission study

Catégorie : Valorisation Energétique des Déchets Plastiques
Date :9 octobre 2020
Praveenkumar, T. R.; Velusamy, Prabu; Balamoorthy, Dhivya.
International Journal of Ambient Energy
Demand of energy and global warming aggravates the search of green alternate renewable resources. Furthermore, conversion of solid waste into the useful energy has huge potential. This study analyses the effect of pyrolysis plastic oil into the water-cooled diesel engine. Besides, the nanoparticle TiO(2)was sonicated at 100 ppm at 25 kHz. A series of test was conducted at various engine loads to examine the effect of pyrolysis oil. From the results it is evident that addition of the pyrolysis plastic oil is possible without executing major modifications to the engine. On the contrary, the brake thermal efficiency was slightly lower than that of conventional diesel engine. However, addition of the nanoparticles showed a profound change in BTE and BSEC. At higher speed the emission of NOx is higher in both testing fuels than that of diesel. However, HC and CO(2)emission levels are lower.