Quantifying mismanaged waste in a small Balinese coastal village: Comparisons of standing stock in different habitats

Catégorie : Détection & Caractérisation
Date :27 novembre 2020
Smith, Stephen D.A.; Bernal, Edgar.
Ocean & Coastal Management : 105433.
We assessed the standing stock of litter in a coastal Balinese village in terrestrial habitats and on an adjacent beach. Densities ranged from 1633 items 1000 m−2 at a local tourist attraction (waterfall) to 8389 items 1000 m−2 on the beach. Plastic food packaging (17.2%) and cigarette butts (15.0%) were the most prevalent items: some sites also contained high densities of items that reflected local usage (e.g. fishing line, nets, ropes in the fishing preparation area). High-value plastic items (bottles and drink cups) were uncommon reflecting low usage rates within the village as well as local recycling efforts. There was a mismatch between the proportions of items in terrestrial habitats and beaches indicating differential transport processes (especially for cigarette butts and foamed plastics). These data provide a baseline against which to prioritise, and monitor the success of, future management intervention including the installation of small, plastic recycling machines (Shruders).