Why is there plastic packaging in the natural environment. Understanding the roots of our individual plastic waste management behaviours

Catégorie : Politiques et Réglementations
Date :17 septembre 2020
Kedzierski, Mikael; Frere, Dominique; Le Maguer, Gwenael; Bruzaud, Stephane.
Science of The Total Environment : 740
Plastic waste is now a classic contaminant of the natural environment and the origins of the contamination need to be well understood. The transition from a useful object to a waste product is a fundamental moment that, from the point of view of the scientific literature, remains poorly understood. This review therefore aims to highlight some factors controlling this intentionality, but also those that influence individual waste management behaviours. For this purpose, an original approach involving the study of the amount of knowledge within different disciplinary fields of research has been employed. The results underline that the low direct impact of the consequences on their users of the discarding of plastic packaging seems to be an important reason for individual mismanagement. Furthermore, the modern individual behaviours of the discarding of plastics are often deeply rooted in the past of the populations. Policies to reduce waste disposal come up against strong individual behavioural constraints that limit the proper management of plastic waste. Thus, incivilities, difficulty in enforcing sanctions, or public opposition to changes in waste management are all factors that contribute to the maintenance waste discarding behaviour. The reuse behaviour of objects that have become useless is also historically attested, but has tended to disappear with the rise of the consumer society. This type of behaviour, whose valorisation is a way of reducing plastic waste abandonment behaviour, remains, however, less scientifically studied than other ways such as recycling. (C) 2020 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V.