By combining propulsion systems, renewable energy resources and waste-to-energy capabilities as well as her range of actions, the Manta is a unique and complex vessel.
A unique project with multiple innovations!

A technical consortium

A technical consortium was set up to face the technological challenges of the design and construction of the first ever giant plastic macro-waste collecting vessel.

The consortium includes our partners and also suppliers who wanted to contribute to the project both with their expertise and their human and material resources in their respective fields.

Technical studies

The first phase of the project which covered the feasibility studies was finalized early 2018. These studies constitue the basis of a global and coherent design for a vessel capable of collecting macro-waste.

Following tests in wind tunnels in June 2018 to validate the sail propulsion system and its compatibility with the use of wind generators, the research work started on the development of automatized riggings.

Moreover, in parallel with hydrodynamic studies which were also done to optimize the number and shape of the hulls and their attachments, studies in naval architecture allowed us to move forward in the structural dimension, the definition and integration of the equipments and systems to be installed on board and well as the evaluation of the energy requirements of the Manta.

Finally, research works in the energy integration to identify the renewable energy production technologies and their integration on the Manta are in progress.

The technical consortium

Manta Innovation
Feasibility study