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Long-term volunteers

To be a volunteer for The SeaCleaners means getting involved, animating and participating in our various projects.


By becoming a volunteer you take a commitment. You become an actor in the life of the association.

Animate and participate

Regional delegations allow you to act in your area with a team. It’s up to you to get organized, to meet and to schedule events and awareness actions. You are also responsible for several volunteers. Teamwork, manners and a good sense of humor are indispensable.
You will obviously be supervised by a voluntary regional delegate and by the Volunteers Hub coordinator. They are at your side to carry out the actions of your branch.

Occasional volunteers

To be an occasional volunteer for The SeaCleaners is to take part in specific or long-term missions organized and managed by regional delegations.

A newsletter is sent regularly by your delegation.

All you need to do is to register to the missions according to your availability.

We invite you to join us to take concrete actions together to protect the oceans. We need you both on land and at sea!

You want to help, we invite you to fill out the contact form

An example of volunteer action (summer 2018)

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