The SeaCleaners x Benjamin Mendy

Benjamin Mendy and The SeaCleaners are teaming up!

On the occasion of World Climate Day 2020, the 2018 World Champion Benjamin Mendy wanted to make his voice heard against plastic pollution of the oceans.

“If we all pay a little more attention we can fight against this scourge”.

The footballer becomes the quirky hero of a humorous awareness campaign designed to attract the attention of the youngest and encourage a sustainable change in behaviour.

The campaign, consisting of an original video clip, a dedicated website and an educational kit for 6th and 5th grade students, supported by the French Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, was set up with Players For Society (the social action programme of the National Union of Professional Footballers) and The SeaCleaners.

Concerned by the urgency and seriousness of ocean plastic pollution, Ben Mendy has agreed to use his influence and personality to become the voice of this problem for young people and the relay of the solutions that The SeaCleaners provides.

“We must all realise that our oceans are important for breathing and feeding us. We must also think of our children behind it. We came up with a message with humour. If, with The SeaCleaners, I can appeal to young people in this way, getting the right messages across to them and getting them to remember them is perfect. I myself have learned a lot, if we all pay a little more attention we can fight against this scourge” explains Benjamin Mendy.

“For the past four years, with The SeaCleaners, I have been going out to meet the youngest people to talk to them about the threats to the oceans, to explain to them how this concerns us all, and above all to convey to them the desire to act and to get involved. There is no inevitability: everyone can have a positive impact to reduce this plastic pollution. Having an ambassador like Ben Mendy to carry this message by our side, with his humour, his personality, his spontaneity, is a huge asset to reach the greatest number” adds Yvan Bourgnon.

A humorous tone to make pedagogy differently

Beyond raising awareness of the threats posed by ocean pollution, the campaign’s ambition is also to show that concrete actions and solutions exist to preserve these endangered ecosystems.

The educational website informs about the consequences of plastic pollution of the oceans and gives concrete advice on how to reduce it on a daily basis through simple eco-gestures.

Benjamin Mendy and The SeaCleaners are thus inviting the younger generation to become tomorrow’s prescribers for new, more sober and environmentally friendly modes of consumption.

Actions in schools will also be envisaged in 2021. A Green Squad of footballers supported by Players For Society and The SeaCleaners will meet with students and eco-delegates to discuss and envisage concrete educational projects.

Through the power of a smile and the offbeat tone of its content, this campaign aims to raise awareness among young people in a different way by proposing a different way of teaching about the environment.

CAMPAIGN VISUALS (crédit photos players for society)




About the Positive Football® movement and the Players For Society® action programme initiated by the National Union of Professional Footballers (UNFP):

Positive Football® is an inclusive societal movement that demonstrates football’s unique contribution to society. It fuels public debate and proves that football plays a special and strong role for the common good. It brings together all football players to support their powerful societal synergies; most importantly, it brings together for the first time civil society & football players at the heart of the same virtuous movement. To do so, it relies on a network of contributors and relays from various backgrounds (sociologists, economists, artists, academics, journalists, captains of industry, experts, etc.).

Players For Society® is the action programme dedicated to the social commitment of every professional footballer. Whatever their status, history or the nature of their project, Players For Society® supports players who are committed to the common good, from the structuring of their project to its promotion and media amplification. These are actions in the field and awareness campaigns on a multitude of causes (children, support for vulnerable populations, disability, environment, animal causes, heritage, gender equality, etc.).

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