corporate sponsorship

Act with us!
Contribute to The SeaCleaners project to clean the oceans.

Sponsorship allows for an individual or a company to make a donation in cash or kind to an organization to support a project of general interest.

Choose an environmental sponsorship for a united evolution.

Environmental sponsorship is a driving force when it creates a diversity of actions, a cross-cutting approach and a long-term commitment.

It is in this perspective that The SeaCleaners project is relevant since the objective is to act in all these fields.

Choisir Mecenat Environnemental

Financial sponsorship

To manage your donation, a sponsorship agreement will be established. This agreement defines the procedure and planned compensations point by point.

Your donation will occur when the two parties have signed and donation made either by bank transfer or bank cheque.

The skill-based sponsorship

The skill-based sponsorship allows for the know how or the specific expertise of a company to be set up to support an organization of general interest.
The company offers, within a specific framework, the free of charge transfer of competences in favor of a project of general interest by making voluntary employees available during their work hours. This supply of staff by the sponsor can either be within the framework of the supply of services or by loan of workforce.

  1. The supply of services: the company commits to a specific task. The workforce involved in supplying the services stay under the leadership and control of the sponsoring company who is responsible for the control and monitoring of the task.
  2. The loan of workforce: the sponsoring company put employees at the disposal of the beneficiary who is transferred management and control.

Sponsorship in kind

Donation of material goods
The donation implies a transfer of property. It can either be the donation of a good registered in a capital asset account or a merchandise from an inventory account. A valuation by the tax administration is required in this case.

Providing resources
This donation doesn’t imply a transfer of property. It can be either the loan of real estate ( providing space on its own premises or providing spaces) or the loan of equipment required for the accomplishment of the association missions. A valuation by the tax administration is required.

Why becoming a sponsor ?

Contribute to a project of general interest

The removal of plastic waste from the oceans in one of key environmental issues of the next several decades. By taking part in this project you will be associated with the values of preserving public health and the biodiversity.

Replace the human being at the centre of the ecological stakes

It’s being aware of the health issue and of the need to take action now.

Integrate an innovative and future-oriented project

The Manta project is a potential solution to reduce plastic waste at sea. Thanks to the technologies implemented on board it will fight the pollution as close to its sources as possible while minimizing the carbon footprint and respecting the marine ecosystem.

Promote your company's image both internally and to your customers

You will federate humanist, societal and educational values around your brand, your employees and future talents.

Fiscal advantages

In the framework of the legislation on corporate sponsorship (Art 238 bis of the General Tax Code and Art 148 of the Finance Law 2019), the company benefits from a tax reduction of 60% of the amount of the donation within the limit of 0.5% of the turnover or a payment of 10,000 euros (in case the limit of 0.5% is reached too quickly).

For example, for a donation of 100,000 euros, the tax reduction will amount to 60,000 euros which corresponds to an actual investment of 40,000 euros.