Raise awareness

We tend to protect what we know or what amazes us. This is the reason why we believe in raising awareness of young people (and not so young people…) about the abundance, diversity and complexity of the world around us and provide them with the keys to understanding how to protect the environment.


80% of the marine pollution comes from land. It’s on land that we need to act to limit it. Over and above the transfer of knowledge and all debates which are indispensable to developing a critical mind we want to support those who want to take concrete actions whether in schools or in leisure centres. Thus, the SeaCleaners offers actions to be taken in schools, in leisure centres, at home or in groups, alone or with our assistance to fight plastic pollution on a daily basis and also how to develop leads in the long run, Agenda 21 scolaires, setting up of an eco-delegate, The SeaCleaners branding, etc. We need to act individually and collectively to preserve oceans on a long term basis.


The problem of ocean plastic pollution is so vast that we all need to take action. To communicate and share our action will create motivations and stimulate changes in operation at all levels. This is the reason why the Educational Hub of the association on the website The SeaCleaners is a platform to exchange and share.

It’s time to take action together!

Tsc Junior