Biomim Expo

Our time demands innovation and a paradigm shift. Biomimicry, which proposes a new and refreshing approach, and which already has a network of innovative, motivated and exciting actors, deserved its annual meeting. This because of a conjunction of tendencies and phenomena:

  • Biomimicry is in the spotlight. The media are talking about it more and more, applications are developing, the ecosystem is growing and organizing.
  • Biomimicry and bio-inspired approaches are accelerating, the network is being structured, and exchanges are increasingly felt to be necessary.
    All the actors claim and expect better interactions, collegiality, multiculturalism, synergies and collaborations between scientific disciplines, between big groups and startups, between private structures and public organizations …
  • Biomimicry is certainly about doing research differently, taking inspiration from life to take advantage of the solutions and inventions produced by nature … but nothing will be done by staying in its silos, nothing will be done without the capacity, the aptitude, also to inspire others, without opportunities for meetings and sharing.


Oct 22 2019


8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie