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[EXCLUSIVE] New solution in 3D to beat plastic pollution at Boot 2020

For the first time, The SeaCleaners will be in the “Love your Ocean” area of BOOT 2020, with an exclusive Virtual Reality device, introducing their giant pioneering vessel “The Manta” designed to collect plastic waste in the ocean.

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Each year, 8 tons of plastic waste end up in the seas. 80% of this pollution comes from the land. It is not a fatality, everyone can act now and become an agent of change to end this global scourge. This is the driving idea behind The SeaCleaners.

Created in 2016 by renowned skipper Yvan Bourgnon, The SeaCleaners is a French-Swiss non-for-profit association whose purpose is to preserve the ocean by reducing plastic pollution. It intervenes both on land and at sea. Its innovative flagship solution is called “The Manta”, the first giant vessel capable of collecting and mass-treating floating ocean waste before it becomes fragmented.


At BOOT 2020, The SeaCleaners will showcase The Manta in 3D through interactive VR headsets, developed with top sponsor Allianz Global Investors. Come and learn how you too can be an actor of the #BeatPlasticPollution global movement. 

An observer member of the UN Environment Programme, supported by the Albert II of Monaco Foundation, The SeaCleaners acts on 4 fronts to achieve massive plastic pollution reduction:

  • The collection of floating waste and the removal of plastic litter from the oceans,
  • Observation and learning through the collection of scientific data and the provision of The Manta as a platform for research and studies for scientists from all round the world,
  • Education and awareness-raising campaigns to educate future generations mostly in countries impacted by oceanic plastic pollution,
  • Boosting the local and circular economy, through the recycling and valorization of collected plastics as economic levers for local development.
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