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Newsletter n° 13 - November 2019


With more than 2.3 million views on social networks since October 17, the clip “Plastique c’est dramatique (The plastic is dramatic)” by French rock band Elmer Food Beat is making the buzz!
It allowed us to present the Manta project on more than thirty national media including France 2, Le Parisien, Le HuffPost and BFM TV. Other media events are planned in the coming days (France Inter, Europe 1, France info TV…)
In the 90s, Elmer Food Beat was involved in the fight against AIDS with their hit “Le plastique c’est fantastique (Plastic is fantastic)”, to promote the use of condoms. This new version supports the Manta project this time. The group wanted to transfer the full rights of this new version to several associations, including The SeaCleaners.

With humor and derision, the music and lyrics of this song convey a clear message: the plastic in the oceans is dramatic and we can all participate in the fight against this pollution. Individuals, companies, associations, states, … we must all be actors of change that will stop polluting our oceans!

The subject is complex, but we know that the industry is undergoing real change, that companies are making great efforts, and we are at their side to discuss, understand their issues and problems, and study the establishment of responsible partnerships. It is by working constructively with the industry that we will see our efforts rewarded. Finally, it is important to emphasize that some plastics have immense qualities, and that in a certain number of sectors of activity, they are essential.

The Manta project exists thanks to you!

The SeaCleaners association carries out its mission thanks to the support of its donors (individuals and companies). Each donation allows us to work to advance the construction of the Manta, but also to develop our awareness actions in schools, on trade fairs and events and to deploy scientific research resources on plastic pollution and on the circular economy. Each donation is a small step closer to preserving our oceans! And every donation counts!

At the heart of the Manta project

The Manta project explained to children… and adults !

Embark aboard the Manta project with Frederic Silvert, Technical Director of The SeaCleaners, who answers all the questions that the children… but also adults may have !

What is your job ? What will the Manta be used for ? Why build such a big boat ? How are you going to avoid capturing animals ?…

The crew TSC


Under a professionalization contract within the association, Thomas follows his training at the School of Design in Nantes.

He provides us with technical support on the creation of our visuals. InDesign, After Effects and the Adobe suite have no secrets for him!

The SeaCleaners was present

Assises Des Dechets

Created in 1991, the National Waste Assemblies is involved in the search for concrete solutions for waste management. On October 2nd and 3rd in Nantes, more than 700 people from the political, scientific, industrial, associative and local authorities sectors gathered around the theme: “Waste and resources: compelling or encouraging?”. Yvan Bourgnon, President of The SeaCleaners, participated in one of the conferences.


Ultramarin Charier

On June 28th, the company Charier, a sponsor of The SeaCleaners, formed a team to participate in the Grand Défi Solidaire of the Ultra-Marin, a 177 km relay race in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan. They had chosen to run under the colors of The SeaCleaners and thanks to them, the association was given on October 11th a donation of 1.000 euros during the presentation of the Solidarity Trophies, in the presence of Caroline Resmond, Partnerships and Sponsor Relationship Manager.


20191011 Ocean Hackathon

From October 11th to 13th, the 4th edition of the Ocean Hackathon took place in several cities. The SeaCleaners was present in Brest to take up the challenge around the design of mapping tools, offshore collection reports, and the design of a database aggregating various field and satellite data.

The team of students and doctoral students gathered around Eric Le Plomb, Operational Manager and Yannick Lerat, Scientific Director of The SeaCleaners, managed to create concrete tools in record time!


© Björn Langheim Wesen Art

Yvan Bourgnon was invited to Frankfurt on October 15th in the offices of our sponsor Allianz Global Investors, for the inauguration of their exhibition space of the Manta project, installed permanently in the hall of the company’s headquarters. 3D glasses and digital screens will provide a unique immersion experience in the heart of Manta and will be installed in many offices of Allianz GI internationally.

20191016 Day One1

As a true catalyst for decisions for an equitable and inclusive digital world, the Day One took place on October 15th in Nice and then on October 16th & 17th in Monaco and brought together many actors of change, in order to enable technology to be at the center of a more just and humane future. The SeaCleaners has raised the voice of the oceans against plastic pollution.


20191022 Biomim3

The Biomim’expo, a major annual gathering of biomimetic stakeholders and nature-inspired approaches to innovation, took place on October 22nd at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris. The SeaCleaners presented the Manta project and the day ended with the closing ceremony in the presence of Yvan Bourgnon, President of the association.


20191025 Esp1

For a whole week, fifty students from the Ecole Supérieure de Publicité in Paris worked on the Manta project. The presentation of the advertising spots and digital activations was held on October 25th in the presence of Yvan Bourgnon, President, David Taïeb, Marketing & Development Director and Antoine Rodat, Community & Content Manager. The winning team will have the opportunity to continue the adventure with The SeaCleaners until the end of the year!



Bringing together from October 30th to November 3rd enlightened or simply curious amateurs, the Cap d’Agde Nautical Autumn Trade Show is also a place for exchanges to share experiences, explore new realities, to learn and understand in order to act better in a eco-responsible way and respect for the sea. Patron of this 20th edition, Yvan Bourgnon, President of The SeaCleaners was able to present the project Manta.



The Mille Sabords has made Arzon in the Gulf of Morbihan “The place to be” to find your second hand boat. From October 31rst to November 3rd, The SeaCleaners crew took the opportunity to promote the Manta project and our actions to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the oceans, to the youngest sailors and the most experienced sailors present!


The SeaCleaners in the medias

Testimonial of patron

“We are very proud to accompany The SeaCleaners and join the Manta project to fight against plastic pollution”

Together with Yvan Bourgnon, Founding President of the association, Thorsten Heymann, Global Strategy Director at Allianz Global Investors, is pleased to announce the signing of a long-term partnership with The SeaCleaners.


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