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Newsletter n° 14 - December 2019


The end of the year holidays are fast approaching and in a few weeks we will be wrapping our loved ones with gifts! What if this year, we also plan to please the planet by trying eco-responsible alternatives?

For example, by offering handmade products, a unique and original gift, or by starting a zero waste approach with solid shampoos or boxes, etc. And if your gift requires wrapping, try the Japanese Furoshiki technique with a nice fabric or container that you can reuse. So much paper that will not end up in the trash!

Like the hummingbird, participate on your own scale and reduce your impact on the environment by adopting one of these actions!

Do not you know the legend of the hummingbird?

Explained by Frédéric Silvert, Technical Director of the SeaCleaners, discover this Amerindian legend that will invite you to your part for the protection of the planet… because every action counts!

Plastic pollution figures

In order to raise awareness and mobilize more and more strength around the Manta project, we will regularly offer you unpublished infographics to help you discover what lies behind plastic pollution and its impact on the planet.

​Discover today the immense damage caused by the plastic on the beaches during the summer holidays.

A new partner for The SeaCleaners

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On November 4th, The SeaCleaners signed a partnership with Nausicaá, the largest aquarium in Europe.

On this occasion, Yvan Bourgnon, President of The SeaCleaners was invited by Philippe Valette, Director General of Nausicaá, to present the project of the association, and to enter the closed circle of “Heroes of the sea” of Nausicaá.

The aim of this partnership is to jointly develop public awareness tools and content and to give each other visibility on the actions of the institution and the association for the protection of the oceans.

Donating to the association The SeaCleaners means supporting concrete actions, participating in an innovative project, living a collective and collaborative adventure… it means offering future generations the opportunity to find oceans without plastic!

Today we need you to start building the Manta !

The SeaCleaners was present

20191104 Nausicaa2

New partner of the association, Nausicaá welcomed Yvan Bourgnon, President of The SeaCleaners, on November 4 in Boulogne-sur-mer, to present the Manta project and sign a partnership to carry out joint awareness actions.

Signaturetsc Pilot

Meeting in Annecy on 21 November at the headquarters and in the presence of many media, the Management of PILOT PEN France has officialized its support to The SeaCleaners’; Manta project. Yvan Bourgnon, President of the association was present for the signing of this sponsorship agreement.

Maker Faire Paris

Event that brings together workshops, presentations and conferences around the themes of creativity, manufacturing and the Do it Yourself movement, the Maker Faire Paris took place from 22 to 24 November at the Cité des Sciences.

With several models of the Manta, Tawashi workshops and a conference on the circular economy, The SeaCleaners was able to share with curious young and old alike, the problems and solutions to combat plastic pollution.

20191126 Valorial Eric Biomimétisme Lorient5

Since Eric Tabarly, Cité de la voile in Lorient, Eric Le Plomb, and Operational Scientific Manager of the association, participated on November 26 in the Valorial Connection of the Valorial cluster, the first network dedicated to agri-food innovation in collaborative mode.

Nature inspires man to better protect it, the Manta project is an example of biomimicry!

20191129 Royaumont Yvan Conf2

The SeaCleaners was present at the prestigious Royaumont interviews on November 29th. Ministers, business leaders, media, consultants, trade unions … everyone has tried to answer, at many round tables held in the sublime Abbaye de Royaumont, the central question “Can capitalism be responsible?”.

Yvan Bourgnon spoke on “Sustainable development at the heart of responsible capitalism” and also presented the Manta project.

The SeaCleaners in the medias

The crew TSC

Marie Foirest

Marie Foirest, who is in charge of philanthropic development within the association, has joined the Marketing and Development department in order to identify the best partners, set up strategic monitoring tools and meet our future patrons.

Drawing on her past experience, Marie brings her know-how and expertise to strengthen The SeaCleaners’ attractiveness to CSR and societal and environmental innovation stakeholders.

Testimonial of patron

“For us the only good pragmatic and operational option in the short term is to engage strongly in the circular economy and that is why we are very proud to support The SeaCleaners!”

Find the testimony of Thomas Meyer, CEO of SOCAPS, sponsor of The SeaCleaners who is committed to our side to act with the industrial sector for the depollution of the oceans …



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