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Newsletter n° 18 - April 2020

Popeye the Sailor Man joins forces with The SeaCleaners to knock out plastic pollution

Sailor Man. Tough guy. Fighter. Hero. Legend. That’s Popeye! An underdog with bulging forearms, a mean uppercut and a passion for legendary canned spinach, who has won the hearts of generations on the big and small screen. This star recruit has just joined the crew of The SeaCleaners.

Preparing the world after

” Let’s not miss the opportunity offered to us by this lockdown to reinvent a model of society that is sustainable, more frugal, more supportive, more fraternal, more just, compatible with the health of our planet and our oceans. “

Yvan Bourgnon, founding President of The SeaCleaners, shares his thoughts on the lessons to be learned from the coronavirus crisis.

The figures of plastic pollution in pictures

In order to raise awareness and mobilize more and more forces around the Manta project, we regularly offer you new computer graphics to help you discover what is behind plastic pollution and its impact on the planet.

Discover today the different areas polluted by plastic waste.

In quarantine but mobilized with the #StayHomeChallenge

Throughout the entire lockdown period, The SeaCleaners crew does not give up and continues to accompany you with the #StayHomeChallenge so that you can stay at home, while remaining active against ocean plastic pollution.

Every day we offer you on our social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ideas for activities to do alone or with your family, reading suggestions, film proposals, cooking workshops, advice and tips… and always 0% plastic and 100% ocean preservation guaranteed!

So come and discover them by following our accounts and stay quarantined but always mobilized!

From Open Ocean to Open Data

Source Of Change Hd

Sponsor of the Manta project, Spadel has been deploying for several months with its international teams, the Source of Change program which aims to offer healthy products for consumers and the planet by 2025, as well as to develop a new model of circular economy.

In this context, they asked Yannick Lerat, Scientific Director of The SeaCleaners, to speak up, in order to detail the different actions of the association, and in english please!

What if each of your Internet searches was one more step in the fight against plastic pollution?

It’s possible thanks to Lilo ! The SeaCleaners is now available on this search engine made in France, which does not keep your personal data and does not do any advertising tracking! You do your web search, without advertising and you send your drops to The SeaCleaners. Then these drops are valued financially by Lilo who gives the money to the association. It’s simple, easy and efficient!

The SeaCleaners' Scientific Hub

” Currently the scientific community has little data on the impacts of plastic pollution at sea and The SeaCleaners would like to contribute to this research and put scientists into operations! “

Scientific Director at The SeaCleaners, Yannick Lerat heads the Scientific Hub of the association. On the basis of validated data and models, the hub’s mission is to optimize the Manta’s waste collections. He also heads the International Scientific Advisory Board, whose mission is, among other things, to federate research programmes on the problem of ocean waste slick detection systems.

International Day of Action for Rivers

Last March the 22nd World Day of Action for Rivers was celebrated. The SeaCleaners took the opportunity to launch an appeal to protect rivers, recalling that the main reasons for marine plastic pollution are the lack of plastic waste management in coastal and river areas. Eleven rivers are responsible for 88-95% of the world’s ocean dumping of plastic waste of all sizes

The crew TSC

Managing Director of The SeaCleaners Switzerland, Milan is in charge of ensuring our development, growth and presence in this country. Thanks to his vast experience, he will be able to assist and support the voluntary, educational and fundraising activities during the association’s events and speeches.

His experience with associations and Foundations under Swiss law will allow us to improve our visibility and our ability to attract not only volunteers but also technological partners and sponsors.

Interview with a patron

” Any waste can become a resource. “

The SeaCleaners interviewed Thomas Meyer, CEO of SOCAPS, world leader in technical assistance in the packaging industry and sponsor of The SeaCleaners. On the menu, a fascinating reflection on “good” and “bad” plastics, and Corporate Moral Responsibility.

Testimonial of patron

” Everybody thinks a project like Manta is important, but in the end we make relatively little effort. The goal is that we all do it together, we go out there and give it all we’ve got! “

Read the testimony of Pierre-Yves Chanau, Yacht Sales Marketing Manager Europe at Sunsail, sponsor of The SeaCleaners and who wished to become a major player in the localization of floating plastic waste by participating in the association’s voluntary observer protocol…

The SeaCleaners was present

Yannick Lerat, Scientific Director of The SeaCleaners, led a conference-debate on the theme of the fight against marine plastic pollution at the Société des Ingénieurs Arts et Métiers in Paris on March 13th. This was an opportunity to present the state of scientific knowledge on the subject, with a particular focus on quantitative data and modelling to provide a holistic view of trends, to better understand the impact of this pollution on our ecosystem, and to act to curb it.

At the request of several environmental protection associations, including The SeaCleaners, more than 80 volunteers took part in a waste collection on the beaches of Le Pointeau and L’Océan in Saint-Brévin-les-Pins on Sunday March 8. Thanks to the volunteers of the association present during this collection, more than 100 kg of waste will not end up in the oceans! Congratulations to all!

Three SeaCleaners from the Haut-Dauphiné Sud Regional Delegation, accompanied by three members of the Alpine Society for the Protection of Nature, met on Friday March 13th on the banks of the Durance River to carry out a waste collection and characterisation as part of the “Région Sud Zéro Plastique” call for projects. The result: 100 meters of banks cleaned and 75 kg less waste in the oceans!

Making the Headlines


By our side - Raphaëlle Duchemin

” By fighting plastic pollution, we are acting on something that everyone shares and that is what is essential! “

Recalling that every gesture counts in the fight against plastic pollution, the radio journalist and presenter of the radio show “La France qui bouge” on Europe 1, Raphaëlle Duchemin, wished to show her support for the association’s actions and the Manta project.

Future generations speak to you

” We are the heirs of the ocean and we want to protect it “

As part of their curriculum, more than 50 students from the Ecole Supérieure du Digital (University of digital technology) chose to work on the Manta project. Through this video, they demonstrate their desire to better protect the oceans and to support the association The SeaCleaners!