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Newsletter n° 19 - May 2020

No respite for plastic pollution during the COVID-19 crisis

Between the return of the throwaway and the slowdown in the recycling industry, the current crisis linked to the COVID-19 pandemic could set back the fight against plastic pollution and efforts to reduce plastic waste.

We are therefore offering you a few ways for reflection and analysis, tips and tricks to take action on a daily basis and continue to fight against ocean plastic pollution during this period when health and safety rules take precedence. Quarantined, but still committed!

World Clean Up Day Partners

Wcud Angl

On September 19th, the World Clean Up Day will take place, the great operation of wild waste collection all over the planet, which brought together no less than 20 million people in 180 countries in 2019! A civic, proactive, optimistic and unifying project, just as we like them at The SeaCleaners! With a watchword that we share: “less talk, more action”!

In 2020, The SeaCleaners is proud to announce its partnership with the World Clean Up Day. We will mobilize on different levels: by organizing waste collections throughout France and in our international offices with our volunteer networks, by coordinating the operation in the Lorient region, where our historic headquarters are located, and by mobilizing our partners and sponsors. Whether you are citizens, companies, local authorities or associations, you can get involved in this major operation, which is as festive as it is essential for the environment. Go to https://www.worldcleanupday.fr/ to find out how you can get involved and join the movement.

The figures of plastic pollution in pictures​

In order to raise awareness and mobilize more and more forces around the Manta project, we regularly offer you new infographics to help you discover what is behind plastic pollution and its impact on the planet.

Discover today the different forms that plastic pollution shows in spring time!

Discover the Patrons Kit

Created to be a toolbox for all our partners, the Patrons Kit will enable your structure and your staff to be well-informed, active and committed SeaCleaners!

David Taïeb, Marketing and Development Director of the association presents it to you as a preview, a few weeks before its official release, which will take place in June 2020.

A different perspective on marine plastic pollution

Each week, the SeaCleaners scientific team decodes a scientific publication to shed light on our production and consumption patterns and understand their impact on the planet. A different look at the fashion industry, water purification, new models of the circular economy or the “polluter pays” principle and a way to better fight plastic pollution! An appointment to be found every Tuesday on our website and on our social networks Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Friends, company networks, colleagues, professional environment: talking about the project is also helping us

You are more and more numerous to join us around the Manta project. Thanks to you, we have already come a long way, and today it is with your help and support that we will be able to launch the construction of the first plastic waste collection ship.

How can we do this?

Simply by talking about the project around you, by presenting the Manta to your family, your friends, but also in your professional environment to your colleagues, your customers, your partners. There are certainly people in your entourage who are sensitive to the protection of the oceans and who could bring their energy to The SeaCleaners.

The technical team behind the Manta

In every respect, the Manta is the flagship of The SeaCleaners, its figurehead. Behind this emblematic project, a unique dream team is at work! Today, more than 20 companies and institutional or academic research organizations have joined the technical consortium Manta Innovation. Each in their own field, they bring their expertise in engineering, naval architecture, aeronautics and hydrodynamics, energy management and production, skills in life cycle analysis and circular economy, etc.

To lead this consortium, a team of 7 people, led by Frédéric Silvert, is working every day to advance this real technological challenge. Design of the Manta’s hulls, dimensioning of the on-board energy management system, finalisation of naval architecture studies, simulation of the velic propulsion to optimise the Manta’s speed of advance and the energy production of the hydro-generators…. The projects carried out since the beginning of the year have been numerous, with one objective: to unveil the design of the boat, in its final version, in autumn of 2020.


Certified Member of the UN Global Partnership on Marine Litter

The SeaCleaners is proud to announce that the association has been recognized as a certified member of The Global Partnership on Marine Litter (GPML).

GPML is a UN Environment Agency initiative. It is a multi-stakeholder partnership that brings together all actors working to prevent marine litter and microplastics.

By providing a unique global platform to share knowledge and experience, partners are able to work together to create and advance solutions to this pressing global issue.

Its mission is to protect the global marine environment, human wellbeing and animal welfare by addressing the global problem of marine litter.

We are pleased to join this global movement and look forward to contributing to the momentum to combat the scourge of plastic pollution.

The crew TSC​

Regional Delegate for South Brittany and Pays de la Loire, Marie-Anne is a member of the association’s volunteer crew. Based in Nantes, she coordinates waste collection in her area from Brest to Les Sables d’Olonne and participates in awareness-raising activities for the general public. A true spokesperson for The SeaCleaners in the field, Marie-Anne is one of the many Regional Delegates who have joined us in recent months to fight against plastic pollution.

Many events will soon be proposed on our website and on our social networks as soon as government decisions allow us to do so!

Interview with a patron

A leading European player, our sponsor Spadel is known through its brands Spa and Wattwiller, but also for its commitment to environmental protection. Discover with Bart Peeters, General Manager of Spadel Benelux, the various concrete actions that have reduced their need for plastic materials by 600 tons per year.

Reduce, Recycle, Reinvent… This is the DNA of Source of Change!

Testimonial of patron

“The idea of working on one of the missing links in the protection of the oceans is an excellent idea for us, which makes sense today!”

Find the testimony of Paul Bazireau, President of Charier, patron of The SeaCleaners and whose professional activity and industrial history are linked to the coastline as well as the oceans.

Spotlight on The SeaCleaners Switzerland

Logo Tsc Switzerland 1

Active since 2019, the association The SeaCleaners Switzerland is based in the canton of Vaud (Lausanne). Chaired by Maurice Hoffstetter and directed by Milan Despotovic, its mission is to commit itself, through preventive actions in Switzerland and corrective actions at sea, to reduce oceanic plastic pollution. The team is therefore implementing the objectives of the association on a Swiss scale:

  • Raise awareness and inform, through the presentation of the missions of our association in schools, universities and employers’ associations to increase its visibility in Switzerland.
  • To act and federate through the animation of an active voluntary movement, by taking part in waste collections and in all public or professional events related to plastic waste pollution.
  • Participate in the public debate on how to reduce plastic pollution and develop the circular economy in Switzerland
  • Engage decision-makers by creating industrial partnerships with Swiss-based companies willing to contribute to the development of the Manta project
  • Contribute to the success of our missions both in Switzerland and abroad by raising institutional and private funds.

For more information, visit www.theseacleaners.org/ch

The SeaCleaners in Indonesia

As part of its international development, The SeaCleaners is proud to announce its partnership with the leading industry event in Indonesia Indo Waste 2020 Expo and Forum, which will be held on 26 – 28 August 2020 at Grand City Convex – Surabaya.

Indo Waste is incorporating with Indo Water, Indo Renergy, Indo Pooltech and Indonesia International Smart City 2020 Expo and Forum as Indonesia’s No.1 Integrated Technology Event. It will feature various industrial technologies in water, wastewater, recycling, renewable energy, swimming pool and smart city technology’s sector. It will bring together over 7,000 industry professionals and experts also over 300 exhibitors from 30 countries. For the first time in Asia, The SeaCleaners will showcase Le Manta throughout the event, on its stand and through several technical presentations. For more information please visit on www.indowaste.com.

Making the Headlines​


By our side - Mathieu Vidard

“I believe that today the publications of scientists are heard and listened to, so now it’s up to all of us to act on the fundamental issue of plastics!”

With “Science Grand Format” on France 5, “L’Édito Carré” and “La Terre au carré” on France Inter, Mathieu Vidard is one of the voices that popularise science with pedagogy and precision. He wished to meet Yvan Bourgnon, President and Founder of the association, to discuss the Manta project and support the actions of The SeaCleaners to fight against plastic pollution.

Future generations speak to you​

They speak the truth and their words are full of common sense. For that reason, the younger generations have a very important place in the Manta project and The SeaCleaners’ actions !

Today, let’s hear what they have to say about plastic pollution…