The SeaCleaners - Black & Blum Contest

Win Black+Blum gifts until 24th December.

 To thank you for your support, we are happy to give you the chance to win eco-friendly Black+Blum gifts, with their 100% British design!
To participate, you just have to:
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  • Prize draw scheduled for December 24th
  • Good luck ☘️


Interview of Dan Black, founder of the English Black+Blum.

1. What was the founding idea behind Black+Blum?

At Black+Blum we aren’t into solving problems that don’t exist. We create honest, premium-quality, food and drink ‘on-the-go’ products that work, with a focus on re-use and sustainability.

As designers, we have the ability to shape, influence, and educate the market to be more discerning and this is absolutely our aim at Black+Blum.

2. What materials do you work with and why?

Firstly, we always try use materials that can either be recycled or biodegrade. Where possible we try to use non-plastic materials like wood, glass or stainless steel. We look to use materials, which have the ability to age well, even when dented, worn or scratched. If a product can function well and age well, then it has a better chance of being cherished and looked after ,and this will give it a longer life which will have less impact on the environment.

3. Tell us about designing with sustainability in mind.

Our designs can do their part for sustainability on two fronts. Firstly, in relation to function. Our products help encourage people to lead a more sustainable life. Water bottles obviously help people stop buying single-use bottled water, which is bad for the planet on so many levels. Lunch boxes and thermoses can help people stop buying convenience take-out food, which can save on food-waste and food-packaging-waste.

Secondly in relation to longevity. We aim to create ‘products with soul’. If a product is truly functional, then it will be enjoyed and cherished for years to come. If the product is made from high quality materials that will last, then we give the design a chance to develop ‘soul’. Our Food Flask is a good example, as it has the ability to age well. It can dent, scratch, and lose its shine, but this will all add to the character of the product and make it personal to you and one day, become a cherished ‘product with soul’.

If we can build every design to include these two points, then we will have addressed our sustainable responsibility that we want all our designs to have; a timeless aesthetic and function, that ages well and will work perfectly for a lifetime.

4. You’ve recently joined 1% for the Planet and committed to becoming Climate Neutral Certified, tell us about that.

While our designs help people be more environmentally friendly in their everyday life, they obviously don’t solve the huge challenges the world now faces. We wanted to do more.

By joining 1% for the Planet, we are pledging to donate at least 1% of annual sales revenue, to support environmental non-profit organisations and commit to giving something back to make a better world. By working towards becoming Climate Neutral Certified in 2021, we want to make sure we fully offset the CO2 emissions caused in our everyday operations and product manufacturing, and will be working with the independent non-profit organisation Climate Neutral.

Black+blum Food Flask Situ 1

For the holidays, and to thank you for your support The SeaCleaners has teamed up with Black+Blum to offer you the Black+Blum Food Flask.

A 400 ml / 13.5 fl oz vacuum insulated pot that is 100% leakproof and will keep your food hot for 6 hours or cold for 8 hours.

The compact pod like shape gives a modern minimal look that was designed to purposefully makes it feel ideal for taking on-the-go. The size was chosen so it could be used and appeal to all ages, while securely holding the contents without any fear of leaking. The brushed stainless steel is complimented by the faux leather strap that neatly holds the ladle spoon which hugs the body. The spoon itself is inspired by Asian soup spoons and makes it a better eating experience to eat from. This is a no-nonsense functional design that will only improve with age and use. It might get scratched and dented through use, but this will only add to the charm and character of the design.

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