Our new collaboration with Pilot & Mon Quotidien

We are delighted to announce our new collaboration with Pilot, a major player in the writing market, committed to saving the oceans and a loyal sponsor of TheSeaCleaners since Autumn 2019, and with Mon Quotidien, the only French newspaper dedicated to children aged between 10-13 years : a special edition featuring 8 pages on plastic pollution in the oceans.

Children can quickly feel anxious and powerless when confronted with images of pollution and the degradation of the planet.

The objective of this collaboration was to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our oceans and the threats of plastic pollution, by showing them that they can commit to positive solutions and get involved in a movement that brings hope.

The special edition in French is available for download for free now!

To find out more about Pilot’s “BeGreen” pen collection created from recycled plastic, click here.

Enjoy reading!

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