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« Together with the reinforcement of terrestrial solutions (collection, treatment, prevention), we have chosen to act at sea. The SeaCleaners association, with the Manta project, is committed beyond the only innovative operational solution. Our vision for ocean conservation is global, long-term and global in scope.

It integrates economic, societal, human, educational and scientific perspectives into a dynamic of solidarity. We offer you the opportunity to participate, technically or financially, in an environmental project of the future and thus contribute to the general interest, to express your values, to reinforce the image and the notoriety of your company and to ‘involve your employees in a positive synergy. »

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation promotes the protection of the environment by building partnerships to support projects in fields requiring priority action.In November 2017, The SeaCleaners project and MANTA received the approval of the Foundation for its commitment to preserve oceans and their biodiversity.

According to the wish of its founder the Prince Albert I of Monaco to raise awareness and protect the oceans, The mission of the Oceanographic Institute is to educate about both the magnificence and the fragility of oceans and to promote their sustainable management as well as effective and efficient protection. It’s in this capacity that the Foundation supports The SeaCleaners global project.


The Camp offers to find new approaches to world’s challenges and to unite people and projects having a common enthusiasm to create a future we will all be responsible for. In its Oceans programme, The Camp brings together activists and scientists to invent tomorrow’s solutions such as, for example, The Sea Cleaners.

I am convinced that The SeaCleaners is part of the solutions we need to restore the quality of our planet’s environment

Jean-Michel COUSTEAU

Fondateur, Ocean Futures Society


By becoming one of the patrons of The Sea Cleaners, you will bring your financial support to a worldwide action of common interest. Our project will bring substantial change in the long run with specific goals: cleaning up ocean pollution, scientific observation, prevention, education as well as the development of a circular economy. 

Technical patronage

The MANTA project uses the most advanced technologies in terms of clean energy, design, naval architecture, waste collection and treatment at sea. We have set up a technical consortium with partners who bring their expertise and know-how in all areas related to the development of the ship. These partnerships extend well beyond the design of the boat and there are still many areas of action to be strengthened. Become one of our partners.

French company specialized since 1981 in the design and construction of waste sorting units. Globally recognized in innovation, the company is engaged with The Seacleaners as a sponsor and technical partner since it has taken care of all the integration studies of the collection, sorting, compaction and storage that will be put on board MANTA. It will also ensure the construction. An essential organ of the ship for its mission of depollution of the oceans.


DEMS accompanies us in the realization of the MANTA project, bringing us its expertise of the design and its transversal approach with the engineering. A working method where creativity meets the technical constraints for a coherent result between style and functionality. A specification that exactly matches the characteristics of the Manta: beautiful as well as effective.


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