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Pilot begins a new chapter in its commitment to the environment and becomes a sponsor for the association The SeaCleaners

Pilot Pen France, a major player in the writing materials market, has signed a partnership agreement for a minimum of five years with The SeaCleaners, a French association fighting against plastic pollution in our oceans. This decision is in keeping with Pilot’s CSR approach.

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A partnership as proof of its commitment

Since the launch of its BEGREEN line of pens, using recycled plastic, in 2006, the PILOT brand, whose European factory, based in Haute-Savoie is ISO14001 and EMAS certified, has continuously strived to reduce the environmental impact of its operations. It does this by limiting the use of non-recycled plastics in its products and packaging, and through designing environmentally friendly refillable products. 

The launch of the B2P refillable pen, created from recycled plastic bottles in 2009, marked the beginning of another important phase in Pilot’s commitment. 

So, it’s no surprise that Pilot became a sponsor for the French association, The SeaCleaners, created in 2016 by the sea captain, Yvan Bourgnon. His personal mission is to eradicate plastic pollution from the oceans by building a revolutionary vessel, the Manta, which is expected to set sail for the first time in 2023.

The Manta, a real tool

This vessel will be both an educational tool for young members of the public and a scientific laboratory used to collect and study the behaviour of waste in the sea—not to mention to serve as a shining example of a lever for the circular economy. 

It will be the first vessel designed for the high seas that is capable of collecting and treating a continuous flow of large amounts of plastic macro-waste floating on the ocean surface. The energy autonomy of the Manta will be maximised, thanks to the large amount of innovative technologies used. The manoeuvrability of the vessel and its radius of action will allow it to quickly take action in the most polluted areas (mainly along the coasts or in the estuaries of the world’s 10 largest rivers, from which 90% of all plastic pollution spills into the oceans). The vessel may also move towards polluted areas following a climate or natural disaster.

 Pilot is proud to make a long-term contribution to this large-scale technological, technical and ecological challenge.

A brand with a unwavering commitment

Pilot’s commitment to environmental conservation isn’t anything new. The Japanese company takes important steps towards a more respectful and increasingly greener world.

For PILOT, respecting the environment is just as important as the innovation and quality we provide to our customers. Protecting resources, reducing waste and preventing pollution are just some of the goals the group has been working towards since it was founded. This pioneering brand offers a large range of products designed with the environment in mind. It limits the use of non-recycled plastics in its products, promotes refillable products and works to reduce the amount of plastic in its packaging.

For this reason, the brand created some iconic product ranges starting with BeGreen and its 26 models, all of which contain between 71% and 95% recycled plastic.

Since it was founded, Pilot has strived to promote refillable writing materials and to instil an economic and environmental gesture in consumer habits that will truly last. Using refills prevents up to 85% of plastic consumption and the pens’ frames are designed for long-term use. Through this wholesome cycle, preferred by consumers since 2015, the number of refills sold has only continued to grow.

As of today, 63% of Pilot’s products are refillable.
Selling products on the market requires a certain amount of packaging and wrapping. All of our blister packaging is manufactured in France with recycled cardboard and PET containing at least 50% recycled material. All of our boxes and warehouse packaging are plastic-free and made with recycled cardboard.

Since 2009, PILOT has reduced six-fold the amount of plastic in its blister packaging.

An environmental declaration from the Pilot Corporation of Europe

PILOT is careful to pair growth with complete transparency. Every year, it publishes its environmental goals and results through an Environmental Declaration, available on the brand’s website.

Apart from simply designing its products with the environment in mind, PILOT tracks all of its goals through an Environmental Management System (EMS) driven by the company’s Senior Management. Its main courses of action aim:

– To reduce the quantity of plastic in the products through Life Cycle analyses

– To reduce energy consumption at the production sites and administrative offices

– To prevent industrial risks and pollution linked to the group’s activities

– To optimise the use of production methods and the value chain (injection, packaging assembly and distribution)

– To carry out awareness-raising programmes and staff training on the environment

– To continuously monitor and evaluate the environmental goals and disclose them in a completely transparent manner.

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