Raise awareness and take action

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For primary school

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Raise awareness

In this section, you will find educational resources around the Manta project (energy, materials, plastic pollution, etc.), digital tools or to download for your activity sessions and you are invited to join historic sailors in the discovery of our beautiful blue planet.

Take action on a daily basis

80% of the marine pollution comes from the continents. It’s on land that we must act to limit it.

In this section, you will find several action programmes you can participate to for the protection of our oceans. We differentiate group actions (20, 30 people) and individual actions or smaller group actions (less than 10 people).

You will also find useful resources to register your school or structure to participate to a long-term sustainable development approach.


To take significant action to face this challenge, it’s important to create motivation. We live in a world where people are permanently connected.

Let’s take advantage of internet to exchange, share and motivate others to also take action. In this section, you will find tools to talk about our actions in favor of ocean protection. Interactive map to tag our action, photo-gallery, testimonials, etc.

Let’s act together!

Certification (label)

To keep the momentum on a long-term basis, The SeaCleaners offers a certification. To be awarded TheSeaCleaners label you have to adhere to our three-point charter, carry out one or more of the proposed actions and give us an overview of the process.

You will find all the required documents for this label on this page.

Because it’s time to take action!