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What is the source of plastic pollution in the oceans ? Which mechanisms are involved in propagation and degradation ? What are the impacts on (animals, flora, marine resources, health…) ? How to set actions for cleaning (plastic collection, recycling) and for preventing (increased awareness, education). The mission of the scientific division is both to stimulate and to contribute to the production of knowledge to answer to these key questions, in order to envision pragmatic solutions based on scientific evidence. It will federate key actors involved in this topic at worldwide level.

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Research projects performed on board of Manta ship will contribute to get validated data on plastic pollution in the oceans, with an emphasis for the evaluation of the impacts on ecosystem health and human health. All the knowledge generated and the data collected will be shared in an OPEN DATA approach in order to feed the international community actors.


The Manta ship will include an on-board laboratory where invited team of scientists will collect data on plastic pollution level, types, and evolution. It will also collaborate with oceanographic projects in this scope. Manta campaigns of plastic collection will serve both to data gathering and to pollution remediation in order to prevent toxic effects generated by release of chemicals during degradation of plastic wastes in the oceans. Actions toward education, increased awareness, communication… are scheduled toward key group of people (industries, politics, teachers, citizens…).
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