Allianz Global Investors, one of the world’s leading active investment managers is a pioneer in Sustainable investing. For the last two years, AllianzGI has received an A+ for its overarching approach to ESG Strategy and Governance from the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI). AllianzGI develop an active programme of engagement, stewardship and proprietary research available to all investment professionals. Their goal is to ensure a superior experience for their clients, wherever they are based and whatever their investment needs.
Since its creation in 1999, ELCIA applies simple and user-friendly answers to the complex almost exclusively reserved for technicians profession of carpenters. So, ELCIA develops innovative software solutions and services to connect all the actors in woodwork from blinds to shutters and stands as the number one in this sector in France. Its support to The SeaCleaners starts with the willingness of its leader to show his 8 years old daughter that it’s possible to act now for the future of the planet. Today, the entire company is committed at our side and is an effective outreach relay.
JUNE PARTNERS is an operational consulting firm that accompanies companies in transformation (growth, rationalization and reorganization, technological transfer, financial crisis, search for performance, etc.). Passionate supporter of Yvan Bourgnon’s sailing performances, the company already sponsored his challenges as sailor. It went without saying that she would also follow him in his adventure The SeaCleaners.
Specialist in the sale of inflatable games for professionals, their products are suitable for water games as well as for elements designed for exhibitions or events. Demanding in terms of quality and safety of their products, they meet EC regulations, are produced with the highest quality material and designed to withstand intensive use. Personally aware of the problem of plastic pollution of the oceans, the company leaders wanted to support The SeaCleaners in the long term.
Dickson-Constant, with its Sunbrella brand, became a Corporate Partner of TSC in 2019 to help implement concrete actions to combat plastic pollution and raise awareness among its employees, customers and service providers. Dickson-Constant®, with its Sunbrella® brand, offers innovative indoor and outdoor textile solutions, drawing on real know-how and a wide range of industry expertise. Environment has become a major issue for Dickson Constant, which strives to create eco-responsible actions within its factory and throughout its manufacturing process: its fabrics are woven without the highly polluting step of dyeing the yarn. The fabric enrichment treatments are optimized in order to avoid overloading the products with chemical substances. The treatments are carried out in a closed circuit. The calories in the water leaving the treatments are used to heat the incoming water and no chemicals are discharged. Close to the values of The SeaCleaners, Dickson, with its Sunbrella brand, is committed to the association."
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French company specializing since 1981 in the design and construction of waste sorting units. Internationally recognized for innovation, the company supports The SeaCleaners as technical sponsor and partner. MTB runs all studies on integrating the collection, sorting and storing units that will be on board The Manta. The company will also produce these units. A vital part of the ship’s mission to clean up the oceans.
Specialist in financial engineering and wealth management consulting, the founder of MARIGNY CAPITAL, personally aware of the issues of ocean plastic pollution wanted to support The SeaCleaners. So, MARIGNY CAPITAL shares its premises located in the heart of Paris with the association. Through this sponsorship in kind, the company allowed The SeaCleaners to be located in Paris where we can host our potential sponsors and organize some of our meetings.
Recognized as one of the leaders in the printing industry, EPSON offers products based on advanced technologies in different fields: printers, scanners, cameras, projectors, etc. Its partnership with The SeaCleaners made it possible for the association to be equipped with high performance material for reprography and video projection.
The company CHARIER is a family-owned public works company based in the Great West of France active in 5 expert fields across France: Road & Urban Works, Quarries & Materials Recycling, Major Earthworks for Territorial Planning, Civil Engineering and , asbestos removal. The company established a CSR policy mainly linked to respecting the environment, the fauna, flora and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and worksites waste. CHARIER is considering solutions for the protection of the environment in all fields. Supporting The SeaCleaners is part of their actions for the protection of the environment.
ELEVEN is the first strategy consulting firm based around the digital revolution. Thanks to an unprecedented combination of strategic analysis and in-depth technological expertise, they are able to formulate and implement business strategies that fully embrace the opportunities offered by the digital revolution. Technology also being at the heart of the Manta project, the company ELEVEN STRATEGY perfectly fits in The SeaCleaners project to protect the oceans.
SPADEL is a group of Belgian companies producing and selling natural mineral and spring waters as well as refreshing drinks based on natural mineral water. SPADEL wants to offer the best to its consumers: pure natural water today and for future generations. So, the concept of sustainable development is undeniably embedded in their mission. Awarded in 2014 among the Top 10 European companies in the field of sustainability at the European Business Awards, SPADEL is among the leaders in sustainable management of natural resources and packaging. Fully aware of the issues of plastic pollution in the oceans, SPADEL is a major sponsor in The SeaCleaners project.
The company BARBIER is one of the leaders in France in the production of packaging films for the industry and agriculture. Under the banners of excellence, quality, innovation and environmental policy, BARBIER places the protection of the environment at the heart of its development strategy with eco-design, biomaterials, post-consumer recovery channels for the recycling of agricultural and household films and multilayers. It is in line with this responsible approach that BARBIER committed to the long term alongside The SeaCleaners.
Since 1973, the BRANGEON group main focus is to improve the use of household waste by the territorial authorities of the Great West of France by offering innovative and high-performance services. With its experience, BRANGEON develops constant technical innovations, recognized as efficient and economical. Its capabilities. Its expertise in waste sorting and recycling make them highly aware of the problem of plastic pollution of the oceans. Committed alongside The SeaCleaners as financial partner, The SeaCleaners also benefit from their expertise in optimal sorting and recycling.
Specialist in hair cosmetics since 1968, LEONOR GREYL develops hair care with natural products (silicone-free, coaltar-free, paraben-free and sodium laureth sulfate-free products). They are particularly committed to helping preserve the oceans. Last year, the American office of LEONOR GREYL also joined this approach and committed to support The SeaCleaners.

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