technical hub


The Manta integrates innovative technological solutions in all technical fields: naval architecture, waste processing and energy production.

In this context, the Technical Hub studies either technological solutions already available on the market, technically mature solutions to meet the operating requirements of the Manta, or, if these solutions don’t exist, look for partners or technical suppliers with whom these solutions can be developed and validated within the Manta project time frame.


As soon as they are identified, the technological solutions are also selected on the basis of their compatibility with other solutions.

There are numerous interfaces between equipments on board and a number of questions must be answered, such as “Will the system to collect waste be integrated in the structure of the vessel?” “Will the treatment unit allow for energy recovery of the waste on board?” “Are the sails and propeller propulsion systems complementary and do they ensure the propulsion of the boat during collection campaigns?”, etc.

These are the types of questions the Technical Hub addresses with the support of partners and suppliers.


Many industrial and academic stakeholders are involved in the project and one of the main missions of the Technical Hub is to keep all these stakeholders informed about the technical progress of the project in all the fields they are concerned with, giving them the required information as soon as possible in their own fields of development.