Yvan Bourgnon

Navigator – Adventurer – Ecologist


To fight against a global ecological disaster: act at sea to reduce the plastic pollution of the oceans.

I first sailed around the world when I was eight with my parents during three years. Later, during the many races I participated to in the world, I was shocked by the amount of plastic waste polluting the seas.

Being fully aware of this global catastrophe for our planet I created the association The SeaCleaners in September 2016 to fight ocean plastic pollution. To face this new challenge I surrounded myself with experts and professionals in this field. We found an innovative solution.

The Manta which will be the first ever high seas ship capable of collecting and treating massive amount of floating plastic waste in the ocean before they break down.Ocean became my passion and I made it my profession as sailor

All world seas are now in danger. We have to face this new challenge of fighting ocean pollution

2017 – The Northwest Passage by sail


The very first successful trip through the Northwest Passage; 7500 km through the polar ice in a sport catamaran just 6 metres long and without a cabin, engine or assistance, navigating by the sun and stars and powered only by the wind.

2014 – Around the world 

230 days at sea, solo trip in a sport catamaran


The first solo circumnavigation of the world in a sport catamaran, without a cabin, without assistance and with no navigational instruments but a sextant.

50,000 km, 230 days of navigation, 27 ports of call, one capsize… An incredible feat.


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