The revolutionary project of Yvan Bourgnon enters a new phase. Created in September 2016, the association The SeaCleaners that he chairs aims to fiht against ocean pollution through the construction of a new ship on the cutting edge of innovation : the MANTA, waste collector amidst the sea. After a year and a half of feasibility studies and searching for fundings, the French-Swiss explorer-adventurer takes the next step by unveiling a model of the final version of the ship!

A giant of the seas against pollution : 70 meters long, 49 meters wide ,61 meters high

Discovering The Manta

Since the success of the December 2016 crowdfunding campaign, The SeaCleaners are fulfilling their promises. This type of crowdfunding had allowed the association to raise 150 000 €, almost twice the amount that was initially planned. Since then, more than 3000 hours of study were conducted by 6 consulting firms, whose specialists have evolved the project to put in phase with the reality on the ground. Today, the results of this first working phase allows to disclose the final version of the ship with a 1/80 scale model, presenting the unprecedented and impressive combination of embedded technologies on the first Quadrimaran marine waste collector.


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