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The SeaCleaners recruits plastic pollution volunteer observers

Professional divers, cruisers, boat and sailboat renters are the first witnesses of ocean plastic pollution. In order to enable them to take action against this scourge, The SeaCleaners is setting up in 2020 a Volunteer Observers programme.

On the occasion of boot Dusseldorf 2020, which took place from 18 to 26 January, The SeaCleaners, an association for the preservation of the ocean that fights against plastic pollution, announces the launch of its very first recruitment campaign for Volunteer Observers.

An Observation Programme, for what purpose?

Led by The SeaCleaners’ scientific department, the Volunteer Observers programme invites its members to carry out voluntary observation missions of floating plastic pollution at sea in the areas of the world most affected by this plague.

The observations collected will be processed, analysed and exploited within a reference database on global plastic pollution. This will be used in the framework of targeted information and awareness campaigns conducted by the association, but also to determine the future intervention zones of THE MANTA, an innovative vessel that will be capable of collecting and mass treating floating oceanic macro-waste before it fragments.

Through the precise characterization of the extent and nature of plastic litter, The SeaCleaners’ database will also enrich the knowledge of the international scientific community and considerably improve the relevance of actions, on land or at sea, aimed at reducing plastic pollution and protecting marine biodiversity.

What will be observed?

A scientific protocol as well as a detailed methodological guide will enable each Volunteer Observer to carry out data surveys in accordance with precise specifications.

Among other things, the size of the floating waste, its nature (plastic materials, rubber, textiles, paper/cardboard, treated wood, metal), GPS coordinates and environmental parameters likely to influence slick drift will be recorded.

The observation records will include the raw data collected, but also photos and videos.

How to become a Volunteer Observer?

The Volunteer Observer programme is open to seasoned marine professionals: diving clubs, boat rental companies, leisure companies, etc. People wishing to contribute to this program must have their own observation equipment (AFN, binoculars, GPS). Successful candidates will be given the status of “Official Observer” and their collaboration with The SeaCleaners will be the subject of an agreement.

To become a Volunteer Observer, please send your application to
specifying your name, e-mail address, entity, geographical area of your activity and type of activity.

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