I’m convinced that The SeaCleaners is part of the solutions needed to restore the quality of the environment on the planet.
Theseacleaners Tem Jm Cousteau
Jean-Michel COUSTEAU
Founder, Ocean Futures Society
We can’t live without the sea
It’s a wealth we need to take care of. A vessel capable of collecting plastic waste at sea would be great.
Tem Ppda
Alert the consciousness
Le projet de The SeaCleaners va permettre de The SeaCleaners project will raise awareness by showing a concrete example of collecting plastic waste at sea.
Tem F Amiack
Fabienne AMIACH
The sea is our lungs
So, yes, we must save the oceans and collect waste where they are and the Manta is an integral part of it.
Paul Belmondo
Let’s go and get plastic waste
The SeaCleaners offers a thoughtful technical project. The Manta project makes sense.
Tem M Pajot
The best for humanity
We have the means to do what’s needed and The SeaCleaners project is moving in the right direction.
Tem F Joyon
Francis JOYON
Too much plastic at sea
It’s good that The SeaCleaners is going to recover this waste before it pollutes the sea and the animals.
Tem K Lima
Karine LIMA
Protect the sea
The sea is a beautiful space that must be preserved and we must prevent plastic waste. I support this project because it’s a suitable project capable of helping clean up the oceans.
Bertrand DE BROC