Volunteer work and service hub


The Volunteer work and service hub allows everyone to participate to our actions and to make a contribution whether time, money or convictions.

We set up actions and activities together. All you need to do is to become a member and to choose whether to do volunteer work or service.

A membership charter is then signed to ensure we share common values.


To promote The SeaCleaners in exhibitions, forums and festivals. To meet the public and professionals we need to present, promote the adhesion and to bring together as many people as possible to support our projects.
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To meet local populations in order to prevent, initiate and for them to take action. In cooperation with the Educational Hub, we train volunteers in environmental pedagogy for them to raise awareness of the public.

Our goal is to allow everyone to take innovative actions in the field. Volunteers take part and have their say in suggesting activities in all fields where the association is present.