IndoWaste Expo & Forum

The SeaCleaners - IndoWaste
The SeaCleaners - IndoWaste

Location Jakarta, Indonesia

Start 21 Jul 2021

End 23 Jul 2021

Integrated Technology Event 2021, which includes Indo Waste 2021 Expo and Forum will bring together over 7,000 industry professionals and experts also over 300 exhibitors (225 domestics and 75 foreigns) from 15 countries. Incorporating with Indo Water, Indo Renergy, Indo Pooltech, Indonesia International Smart City, Indo Security and Indo Firex 2021 Expo & Forum, this No.1 Integrated Technology Event will feature various industrial technologies in water, wastewater, recycling, renewable energy, swimming pool, smart city technology, security, fire protection, rescue, disaster management, safety and health industry. This event will be held on 21 – 23 July 2021 at Jakarta Convention Center – Jakarta, Indonesia.