Ostend at Anchor 2022

Ostende à l'ancre
Ostende à l'ancre

Location Ostend, Belgium

Start 19 May 2022

End 22 May 2022

As part of their partnership, 

Le Belem & The SeaCleaners invite you to a Conference-event

“Ocean, the savior of the planet?”

Friday, May 20, 6.30pm

on board the three-masted sailing ship Le BELEM, Montgomerydok, Ostend

Speakers :

  • Dr. Bernard Gindroz – BMGI Consulting, Member of The SeaCleanersInternational Scientific Advisory Board
  • Ir. Michiel Van Melkebeke – PhD researcher, Department of Green Chemistry& Technology, Ghent University
  • Ms. Gwenaële Coat-  Scientific Hub Director, The SeaCleaners

The conference will be followed by a drink.

Free admission. Registration required. 

Limited number of seats.

Information and registration: chiriane.hamla@fondationbelem.fr

For the last few months, the Ocean has been at the center of many climate change debates. 

Finally recognized as a centerpiece of the issue, it received the biggest recognition at COP26 since the first COP.
To add to the trend, the UN is giving it a full decade of actions with the UN Decade for OceanScience and Sustainable Development. The ocean is now toooften shown as THE solution to fight climate change. However, the same ocean is suffocating. Already suffering from many pollutions, plastic pollution being the most abundant type of litter in the ocean, many actors are trying to deal with the legacy pollution that constitutes plastic debris. But is working with the plastic already at Sea the only action that can be achieved?

Join The SeaCleaners and the Belem to discuss upstream solutions coming from the circular economy, ecodesign and some promising innovations on plastics circularity and remediation such as the PlastiCity project, all endeavors taken so we can finally reach “waste zero”. While solutions exist up-and down- stream, we will also discuss the significance of behavioral change when faced with plastic material, such a critical step to reduce plastic input in the environment and ultimately the Ocean.