Open Diplomacy Institute's Sustainable Development Meetings

Location France

Start 27 September 2021

End 14 October 2021

Under the high patronage of Mr Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic

In 2020, we are already celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals. They were adopted by the United Nations just before the Paris Climate Agreement. Since the beginning, France has been committed at the international level to quickly and effectively implement this 2030 Agenda. However, French citizens have not been offered any opportunity to debate it, to question the public authorities or to commit companies to doing better. Isn’t this paradoxical? This is why the Open Diplomacy Institute is initiating the Sustainable Development Meetings (“SDMs”).

With the RDD, we want to offer you a political forum to take hold of the ecological and solidarity-based transition. We are creating this democratic meeting to help you form an opinion on these complex and even anxiety-provoking subjects. The RDDs have been designed for you, working with civil society, involving all political persuasions and involving private companies as much as public authorities. We invite you to invest in this pluralist and independent space of reflection to help you think about economic, social and environmental issues… they are all the more salient as the coronavirus crisis has severely tested our resilience, challenged our defences and brought us back to a very hard question: will we be able to face an even more serious crisis, the climate crisis?

To reflect on these issues, we organise the RDDs as close to you as possible. The 2020 edition took place from 22 to 29 September, live on this website; and we are already preparing the 2021 edition so that you can meet us in every region of the country. And for good reason: the Citizens’ Climate Convention, which delivered its conclusions this summer, reminded us how healthy, useful and beautiful it is to see the French take back control of sustainable development.

Thomas Friang | Founder and Managing Director of the Open Diplomacy Institute