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The christmas card that does good to the ocean

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Running out of ideas? This Christmas, give the gift of less plastic in the oceans!

This year, reinvent the way you offre gifts, for your climate sceptic son-in-law, your little niece that you see once a year, your new colleague...

Make a donation through our Christmas gift cards and support TheSeaCleaners in its missions, by choosing a concrete action to stop the waste that plasticizes our oceans.

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Thanks to your donation, we will

Develop our awareness programmes to alert people to the dangers of plastic pollution and to change mentalities

  • intervention in schools in Indonesia, the 2nd most affected country in the world by plastic pollution
  • mobile recycling workshop
  • virtual reality awareness tool
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Continue our innovation and engineering projects for the creation of the MANTA, a factory boat for the depollution of the oceans

  • plastic scanner to differentiate between the different types of plastics that can be used in sorting centres on land and in the MANTA
  • scale-up of our surface waste collection systems
  • collection mats
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Designing new and innovative clean-up solutions at sea and on land

  • improving a sorting centre in the Amed region of Indonesia
  • purchase of waste collection, sorting and recovery equipment on land
  • waste recovery solution for residual waste
  • training for local collection agents, sorting operators and recovery operators
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