An awareness campaign is successful when it makes people want to take action!

We all have the power, as an individual, to take action against plastic pollution. But acting together makes it even better! That's why our team works every day to offer you fun tools adapted to children and adults, in order to pass on knowledge about the preservation of our oceans to as many people as possible.

Come and meet us at our events

You thought you knew everything about plastic pollution? Come and test your knowledge with us! Follow our agenda and meet us directly at our events to discover our new tools:

  • Mantawa : thanks to this XXL Snakes and Ladders game, take the path to the absolute knowledge on the oceans ! The goal? To transmit knowledge to children about marine species (animals, birds, seaweeds), eco-actions to be put into practice as well as understanding the harm done to our planet. So avoid the traps and be the fastest to become king of the oceans!
  • Escape Game: Who said that plastic pollution was an easy problem? Puzzles, riddles, calculations, we ask you to use your brain to solve a well kept mystery…
  • Coconut Shy: Come and fight plastic pollution with our Coconut Shy: all you need is an expert eye and a good shot to access a mountain of knowledge
  • SeaCleaners Quiz: Are you a pun expert with a mind as sharp as Sheldon Cooper? The SeaCleaners Quiz is for you!
  • Memory game: Discover all the eco-gestures you need to adopt to reduce your consumption of plastics

Meet the ocean at school

Ask us to receive our educational sheets for teachers to learn everything about plastic: its history, its impact, and the good habits to adopt to limit its use and/or give it a second life!

🌊 Sharing the ocean: We often forget that the oceans cover more than 70% of our blue planet and provide us with immense services and natural resources. The inequality in the distribution of resources and populations generates great tensions between countries.

🔄 Once a plastic, always a plastic: If plastic was revolutionary and facilitated the life of citizens since its invention, today it causes a global health problem and has devastating consequences on the environment when it breaks into microparticles released in the nature.

🏭 The great waste factory: We often talk about pollution or waste in a general way, but behind these names is hidden a diversity of materials that you should know in order to find the right solution for processing and recycling. Regulations already exist to oblige waste producers to manage them throughout their life cycle. To reconcile economic growth and sustainable development, we must reduce our ecological footprint by changing the way we produce and consume goods and resources.

To understand plastic pollution online, The SeaCleaners has partnered with Popeye to develop quizzes on Kahoot!, the fun learning platform for schools! This application allows students to play simultaneously to test their knowledge.

All our quizzes on Kahoot!

It’s always time to learn

Plastic pollution is a constantly evolving topic. Not easy to follow! How did plastic invade the planet? What are the different families of plastics? What is the impact of ocean plastic pollution? Why should mankind preserve the ocean? How can we act at our level? The SeaCleaners and Teach on Earth have developed a serious game: “Become a SeaCleaner”, an interactive quiz to learn about marine plastic pollution in just 15 minutes and to know how to act on a daily basis.

Find it on the Teach on Earth app, available for free on the Play Store and the App Store.

Download our game book
An awareness action is successful when it makes people want to take action! We base our action on popularization, interactions, experiments, games but especially solutions to engage the largest number of citizens against ocean plastic pollution.