Divers, take part in the SQUID PROJECT survey!

The SeaCleaners is calling on all divers, professional or amateur, to share their experiences in a questionnaire.

David Palfrey for TRACC
Credit : David Palfrey for TRACC

The SQUID Project, behind this mysterious name, is not a fashionable series, but the code name for a development project by The SeaCleaners’ research department, Manta Innovation.

Manta Innovation works on numerous research and development projects to advance innovative depollution solutions on a daily basis, on behalf of The SeaCleaners .

As part of the fight against underwater pollution, Manta Innovation is studying the development of a technical solution to assist divers in collecting waste.

One of the steps in any innovative solutions project is observation and analysis through data collection.
This is why The SeaCleaners has launched an extensive survey to better understand the issues related to underwater waste collection.

This 3-minute questionnaire is aimed at all divers, whether specialists or amateurs, who wish to participate in the preservation of the seabed.

Your participation is important to this project, so The SeaCleaners is calling on all divers to share their experiences by completing this questionnaire, and to share this survey with as many of their ocean-loving communities and dive clubs as possible!

Picture credit : David Palfrey for TRACC

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