Feet in the sand, Les Déferlantes in your ears 🎧

It's summer and you're getting ready to enjoy some sunny moments by the water. What could be better than lying back in your deckchair, putting on your headphones and diving into an immersive podcast-investigation? The SeaCleaners brings you Les Déferlantes, an ecological thriller that will transport you from the abyss of marine pollution to the heights of the wave of hope to collectively preserve our oceans.

Have you listened to "Les Déferlantes", our podcast-investigation?

Released in June 2022, this podcast, available on all platforms, deals in 6 episodes with the hellish underbelly of ocean plastic pollution, but also and above all the solutions to put an end to it.

Conceived, designed and produced entirely by The SeaCleaners teams, Les Déferlantes is a groundbreaking ecological thriller! It’s a world tour that takes you to meet committed people on all five continents – ocean dwellers, scientists, artists, committed citizens, industrialists, philosophers, economists and the younger generation – to understand and fight relentlessly against the boundless scourge of plastic pollution. This podcast is an invitation to become aware of the persistent presence of plastic pollution on our beaches and in our oceans, and to realize that the means to act for its preservation are known and within our reach.

Listen to Les Déferlantes 🎧

On the mic :

Suzane – Singer-songwriter
François Galgani – Oceanographer, IFREMER
Denise Hardesty – Oceanographer, CSIRO Oceans & atmosphere
Christine Figgener – Marine conservation biologist, COASTS
Maud Le Car – Surfer, member of the French team and president of the Save La Mermaid association
Melati Wijsen – Founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags and Youthtopia
Dorothy Wanja Nyingi – Ichtyologist, National Museums of Kenya
Isabelle Méjean – Economist, Professor at Sciences Po
Marine Lorphelin – General Practitioner, Miss France 2013
Alexis Troccaz and Paul Guedj – Founders of corail.co
Emma Larthomas – Activist, The SeaCleaners volunteer
Franck Lecomte – Director of Innovation and Growth, Spadel
Little Gypsea – Activist and influencer
Eric Le Plomb – Oceanographer, Director of Operations, The SeaCleaners
Gwenaële Coat – Scientific Director, The SeaCleaners
Stéphanie Poey – Director of Action & Awareness, The SeaCleaners
Yvan Bourgnon – Sailor, President and Founder, The SeaCleaners

Narrator: Elise d’Epenoux
Music: Antonin & Tyrax
Mixing: Karim Skakni
Illustration: COSMO

There's more...

The SeaCleaners just couldn’t stop there!

So get your headphones ready for a brand new podcast concept that we’ll be releasing at the end of the year.

Details are still being kept confidential, but it’s obvious that this new podcast will be a complement to the first! We won’t reveal any more. 🤫

PS: We’ve left a clue as to the future title of this podcast in this article… Can you figure it out?

Stay tuned