Fête de la Science: Celebrate Science with The SeaCleaners

From October 7 to 17, the 31st edition of the Fête de la Science will be held in metropolitan France on the "Climate transition: mitigation and adaptation" theme.
On this occasion, The SeaCleaners teams have developed, in collaboration with 5 experts, a set of educational tools and experiments, freely available, to better understand and fight against plastic pollution.

Five top experts investigate the impact of plastic

Scientific knowledge, research and development are essential to understand the impacts of plastic pollution on the ocean and the climate, to find concrete solutions and to enable everyone to act. For The SeaCleaners’ teams, celebrating researchers and experts during the Fête de la Science is an obvious choice!

How does plastic pollution affect ocean ecosystems? How can we study the drift of waste at sea? Does plastic continue to emit greenhouse gases as it degrades? Are there alternatives to plastic? How are sorting and recycling part of the solution?

Our 5 experts – Gwenaële Coat, Christophe Maes, Sarah-Jeanne Royer, Jean-François Sassi and Alban Cotard – work daily to answer these questions and have agreed to share their experiences and research in a special “Fête de la Science” educational kit for Cycle 3 and 4 teachers.

Inspiring vocations through experimentation

The special “Fête de la Science” educational kit developed by The SeaCleaners consists of a booklet that allows teachers to discover the issues, the problems, the research work and the profile of each of the experts. It can be used as a basis for developing one or more classroom sessions.

It is completed with experiment and manipulation sheets, developed in partnership with Les Petits Débrouillards, which allow, through practice, to get to the heart of the matter! With the help of these protocols, accessible to all, teachers and students can make a gas, create a current in a tank of water, make a potato-based bioplastic or learn to differentiate between several types of plastics.

Finally, to make the “Fête de la Science” a real treat, Baptiste Lorber, author, director and actor, has agreed to test – in his own way – these 5 experiments.
Find him in 5 video capsules to be shown in class or shared on your networks (to be discovered soon online).

5 experiences to watch & share
Download the "Fête de la Science" educational kit

New online space for teachers

The SeaCleaners team is launching a free online space dedicated to teachers, to support primary, secondary and high school teachers and allow them to deepen their commitment against plastic pollution in class.

On the program: educational sequences, teacher’s sheets, activity sheets, quizzes, games or videos on ocean preservation, plastic waste, biodiversity, pollution impacts, etc. This space will be updated throughout the year.

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