To pay tribute to the beauty and richness of the world's oceans, the World Oceans Day was created nearly 30 years ago to mobilize and unite a global movement around a sustainable ocean management project.

This year, let’s say STOP to the waste abandoned or washed up on the beaches.

#MakeWaves is a worldwide action of collecting waste on the beaches, intended to raise awareness of the devastating impacts of this pollution. Initiated by Nausicaá, the French National Sea Center located in Boulogne-sur-Mer, and NGO The SeaCleaners, it is part of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

“Join the movement for the oceans, make your voice heard and create the wave of change with #MakeWaves”

Why participate in #MakeWaves?


Through this worldwide action of collecting waste on the beaches, let’s unite our energies to make people understand that the best waste is the one we do not produce.


Each one of us can limit our waste production at the source and participate in a better management of terrestrial waste… because 80% of the waste in the sea comes from the land… 100% is of human origin… and the abandoned waste will take tens or even hundreds of years to deteriorate. A plastic bag or a cigarette butt, consumed in a few minutes and abandoned in nature, will take over 450 years to disappear.


How to participate in #MakeWaves for World Oceans Day 2021?



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