For the World Oceans Day, Join the The SeaCleaners festival

Every year on June 8, the UN invites humanity to celebrate the oceans and the benefits they provide. And for The SeaCleaners, this is the best way to remind us of the vital role the oceans play in our livelihoods.

This year’s theme is Revitalisation – collective action for the oceans. A theme tailor-made for The SeaCleaners in its fight against plastic pollution:

  • Revitalisation: It is the restoration of marine ecosystems, which involves both protecting the oceans from future threats, and repairing the damage already done. A dual action, preventive and corrective, is at the heart of The SeaCleaners’ work. We raise awareness against plastic pollution to act upstream; we clean up waste on land and at sea to limit the ravages of this ecological disaster.
  • Collective action: Everyone has a role to play in putting an end to plastic pollution: policy makers, public authorities, institutions, consumers, associations and companies. At The SeaCleaners, we believe that only through coordinated action and joint efforts on all fronts can the major issue of plastic pollution be tackled in a sustainable manner.

To make this message resonate loud and clear and to mobilise all our partners, The SeaCleaners is organising a festival for WOD 2022!

But what is happening exactly?

The SeaCleaners Festival will take place from 28 May to 12 June 2022. A myriad of festive, fun and creative events in France and abroad, on the ground and online, on land and at sea, to celebrate the oceans and unite energies. Activities for all ages, for all sensibilities, alone, with family, with friends or with colleagues.

One motto: GATHER.


A clean-up is an action to clean up litter on a beach, by the river, in a natural area or in town. It is also a way to raise awareness about how to produce better, consume better and throw away less. For this particular day, our volunteers, partners and sponsors are mobilizing massively to take concrete action!

Bring your friend for the SeaCleaners Festival! The more the merrier! Take part in the #Ramenetonpote operation on social networks and make waves for World Oceans Day 2022

A new way to act, directly at sea: the collection of submerged waste

Inspired by our founder Yvan Bourgnon, we love a good challenge! That’s why we’re exclusively offering you our brand new activity: the collection of submerged waste. Are you an amateur or professional diver, a freediver, aan apneist, or a lover of snorkelling and are you tired of the underwater waste that spoils the underwater landscape? Become a deep-sea cleaner on World Oceans Day with The SeaCleaners and its partners.

Les Déferlantes: the 100% ocean podcast

In this 6-episode investigation, The SeaCleaners meets with those who are fighting against ocean pollution all over the world: ocean dwellers, scientists, artists and committed citizens, industrialists, philosophers, economists and young people who are not resigned to living on a planet suffocating under plastic.

From France to Australia, via the United States and Indonesia, take part in this immersive journey, to meet a wave of initiatives and actions to lead us towards a world without plastic waste.

A podcast to understand, deconstruct, tell, inspire and open dialogue.

At the mic:

Music : Antonin Bartherotte & Karim Skakni

Sound : Karim Skakni

Visual : COSMO

Online from 8 June on your favourite listening platform.

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