French MPs vote for the Manta!

Present on all oceans, the French maritime spaces extend over more than 10 million km², making France the 2nd maritime power in the world.

The economic, social and geopolitical stakes of this oceanic empire are massive.

In the French National Assembly (lower chamber of Parliament), a team of MPs has been set up to carry the country’s maritime ambitions. Chaired by Sophie Panonacle, deputy of the Gironde area, this “Maritime Team” aims to promote a resolute maritime policy for France, in constant interaction with public, private… and associative maritime actors.

In this framework, the president of The SeaCleaners, Yvan Bourgnon, presented the actions of the association and its emblematic project, the Manta, to the Team’s deputies last January.

Born in France, developed by a consortium made up of 90% of French companies, university research centres and laboratories, the Manta is indeed a flagship of the French know-how in marine depollution technologies.

Equipped with a combination of several renewable energy production technologies to reduce its carbon footprint, it also embodies France’s commitment to green and smart ships and the promotion of the circular economy.

At the end of these video conference, the Maritime Team was won over by this pioneering ecological adventure with a global reach and gave its unreserved support to the project, welcoming “a concrete and innovative response to the urgent need to protect marine ecosystems.”

This support should soon be translated into government meetings that will speed up the association’s international deployment.