Here are some alternatives to Christmas overconsumption

Plastic waste increases especially during the holiday season. But what if we told you that you could save money while reducing your plastic consumption? This year, as a (slightly early) gift, The SeaCleaners offers alternatives to this overconsumption!

Remember that this holiday season is also :

  • A pollution peak: due to the numerous trips to celebrate the holidays with the family
  • An overconsumption of electricity, due to listening to Mariah Carey on a loop
  • A key moment for fast fashion: you buy yet another Christmas sweater for you and your other half that will end its life in the back of your closet after a single use…
  • Light pollution: Yes, your neighbors still have their old lights out for your visual pleasure.

Now it’s time for alternatives to counter all this pollution!

The meal

Did you miscalculate the quantities for Christmas dinner? No waste. Use tupperware (in glass) or take part in a food drive with your extra portions. Isn’t the spirit of Christmas all about sharing?

The tree

Like every year, you hesitate between a natural or artificial tree? If this debate is not yet equal to the famous Pain au chocolat/Chocolatine, it still causes hesitation in everyone’s heart. Although the natural tree requires more maintenance due to its thorns, this option remains the more environmentally responsible of the two!

Even better: it is now possible to rent your tree! Organizations now take care of replanting your tree after the holidays.

The decoration

If you hadn’t noticed, minimalism is trendy! For your decorating ideas, opt for less is more. Trade in your multiple decorative garlands for small LEDs that will cost you less and last longer (they consume 10 times less than low-energy bulbs). It’s THE solution to throw a lot of light on your guests

With all these little ideas, no more excuses for a successful Christmas without plastic waste! The SeaCleaners team wishes you all a merry Christmas.

And if you’re still short of ideas for Christmas gifts, go to our donation page to offer a gift to your loved ones.

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