IKKS & The SeaCleaners, a corporate partnership linking fashion and consciousness.


The French clothing brand IKKS embarks for a new adventure with The SeaCleaners by becoming a corporate partner. The free spirits brand commits to joining us in protecting our oceans.

Created in 1987, IKKS already carries in its DNA a passion for the marine environment that has distinguished itself since the beginnings with the Cargo edition, one of the themes of its collections. As a reflection of an open-minded generation inspiring to change mentalities, the brand IKKS is now more than ever part of a responsible and respectful approach to the environment every day.

It is the sharing of values that has given rise to the cooperation with The SeaCleaners. Between fashion and engagement, this innovative partnership allows IKKS to realize its desire of spreading a strong and essential message for the protection of our oceans, by supporting the creation of the Manta and the initiatives of the NGO. By joining us, the brand adopts the role of a real message carrier for The SeaCleaners, and turns its convictions into actions.

“Fashion is never more beautiful than when it holds meaning and IKKS intends to uphold this deep-seated belief.”

Ludovic Manzon President of IKKS Group

“We are proud to have the support of a committed and responsible brand, with which we embark on a new adventure and that has, just like us, a certain taste for challenge !”, adds Yvan Bourgnon, President and Founder of The SeaCleaners.

In addition to this patronage, IKKS will support The SeaCleaners each year with a dedicated operation. This year, 5% of the “Love of the Ocean” capsule collection, 100% eco-designed and made from natural or responsible materials, will be donated to The SeaCleaners. Launching the partnership between The SeaCleaners and IKKS, this new clothing line is available since May 19th for women, men, children and will be the first of many.