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TikTok is a platform that has it all: not only does it allow you to have fun watching and creating crazy videos, but it also helps non profit organizations to create content! How ? Simply by setting up support groups for NGOs, and the best part: The SeaCleaners has been selected to be part of this program!

TikTok, what’s that ?

For those of you who don’t know TikTok (whaaaat ?) it is a social media platform that has been a worldwide success for the past few years, especially among the younger generation.  There are now 1.4 billion monthly active users on TikTok! The main viewers of the platform are between 10 and 29 years old, 47%.

The application allows users to create and share short videos with music or dialogue. The platform also offers a wide range of creative tools to help users create original and entertaining content, without any effort or special editing skills.

In recent months, TikTok has also opened up to non-profit organisations, providing them with a showcase to spread their message and raise awareness of their causes. Thanks to its simple and intuitive features, TikTok has become a valuable tool for NGOs wishing to create quality content and reach new audiences, especially the well-known generations Y and Z, which are so difficult to mobilise and retain, and are resistant to traditional media.

Good news! The SeaCleaners is lucky enough to be part of a support group set up by the application. This presence on TikTok allows our organisation to reach a whole new, younger audience, and thus to accomplish more effectively its mission of education and pedagogy for those who will have, tomorrow, the keys to build a sustainable world.

The platform that supports non profit organisations

The SeaCleaners is increasingly active on TikTok and we are delighted to see that our content is appreciated by a growing audience! In 2023, we will continue to invest in the platform, sharing information about our projects and actions, tips and simple gestures to preserve marine ecosystems, but also content to raise awareness about the fight against plastic pollution in the oceans.

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